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Our Story

The Journey

refined gin

Situated in the heart of the Lea Valley, we are an artisan gin producer. Everything we produce is in small handcrafted batches, ensuring we can devote our time to creating the best tasting spirits around.

The Spark

After moving into the lower Lea Valley in 2019, the pandemic would strike soon after. The Lea Valley would provide an escape from quarantine and an opportunity to spend time getting to know the history and plethora of leisure activities within the valley.

Having never distilled anything before, the pandemic provided an opportunity to fill copious amounts of spare time by learning the different skills required to create a quality gin. But, what was lacking in experience was made up for with passion and dedication. The vision was to create a sensational gin to rival other small-batch distilleries while celebrating the Lea Valley.

It may have started as something of a side project to act as a distraction during the global pandemic, but has now turned into a small-batch distillery that produces sumptuous gin flavours through the single-shot method.

The Distillery

Founded in 2020, the first bottles worthy of our high standards were produced 9 months later. The distillery had finally reached the goal of handcrafting a premium range of gins in the heart of the Lea Valley.

The name of the distillery was a no-brainer, the Lea Valley is littered with outstanding natural beauty, built and cultivated by the Victorians and juxtaposed with a plethora of modern recreational, cultural and sporting establishments.

All of this has provided the inspiration behind The Lea Valley Gin Distillery and the botanical flavours and aromas that you can find in our gins. With continued creativity and innovation, we look forward to bringing our customers new products and always striving to produce gins which both complement a premium tonic and are distinctive enough to enhance the enjoyment of a gin cocktail. 

Our Ingredients

We have an absolute passion for gin and are constantly developing new recipes based on botanicals that pay homage to the Lea Valley. You’ll find 11 carefully selected botanical ingredients (including juniper, angelica root, coriander, orange peel, cardamom, nutmeg and lemon peel amongst others) are at the heart of all of our gins. 

To craft our quality gin, we only use the finest botanical ingredients available. Our botanical recipe is steeped in neutral grain spirit for as long as 48 hours before distillation to ensure the full natural flavours are extracted and end up in every bottle we produce.


At Lea Valley Gin Distillery, creating more sustainable gin for our customers is important to us. We are committed to reduce our environmental impact through our waste management, energy usage and materials selection. 

Some examples of some of our sustainability initiatives that we follow are: 

    • All the bottles we use are 100% recyclable. 
    • All of our bottles labels are made from 100% recyclable material.
    • Post-distillation, our used botanical ingredients are composted.

But we know that we have a long way still to go. We are looking at ways that we can make our cork eco-friendly. Additionally, we are striving towards becoming plastic neutral in our bottling and packaging. 


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